(non)graphic images of violence

These images are composite combinations of videos documenting moments of personal, national, or cultural violence. By forcing the videos to exist as a single, static image, they become divorced from their history, serving as mute storytellers. The source videos, culled from YouTube and LiveLeak, have already been arrested from their origins, being relegated to pop culture rather than the annals of history in a more traditional sense. These images comment upon the changing nature of history, how we actively create it in the everyday, and the manner in which its digital preservation ensures the dulling of so much meaning. This work is being produced in collaboration with the Centre for Fine Print Research at the Univervsity of the West of England.


World Trade Center Attack
The Death of Gaddafi
Napalm Girl
The Self Immolation of Thích Quảng Đức
Israeli Airstrike Killing Ahmed al-Jabari
Saddam Hussein Execution
Challenger Shuttle Explosion
Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961
The Assassination of JFK
The Attempted Assassination of Pope John Paul II